Need to talk it out? Call The Brandstalk on Wednesdays.

Sometimes you’re frustrated with your business. Or you need to bounce a couple ideas of off someone with a pulse. Or you’re overwhelmed and need a drill sergeant to tell you what marketing task to do next. Even when you are in a room full of co-workers, being in business can be a lonely place.

To help you out, The Brandstalk has started their own version of talk therapy, biz style. Wednesday mornings are reserved for YOU and 15 minutes for whatever marketing questions you have.

  • Send in your call request to by 5pm on Tuesday.
  • We’ll schedule a call between 8am and 12pm for the next day, or an upcoming Wednesday morning.
  • No obligation. You don’t have to be a client. You don’t have to schedule another call.
  • There are no limits. If you want to schedule a call for every Wednesday for the next 5 years, go for it!

What’s the catch? 

  • As far as I know, none! Pretend it’s Festivus and air your grievances.

When are you going to schedule your 15 minutes?



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